HOW DO I PAY FOR MY ORDERS? You may pay via credit or debit card. ORDER CONFIRMATION Only paid transactions through the website will be fulfilled. DELIVERY HOURS We now accept same day delivery within Metro Manila. Our delivery hours are 11AM-1PM, 2PM-4PM, and 4PM-6PM. Cut-off of same day delivery is at 3pm. As much as we want to serve dark side to everyone, our delivery radius only covers cities within Metro Manila. BULK ORDERS All items are limited to only a maximum of 20 orders per item. ORDER CANCELLATION We highly recommend a minimum of 24 hours for order cancellations. WHO IS YOUR DELIVERY PARTNER? We are using GrabExpress to deliver your products safely to you. DELIVERY FEE For a simple flat rate of PHP150, we can deliver to any area within Metro Manila. FROZEN YOGURT DRINKS
  • Contains Farm Fresh Greek Yogurt with Activated Charcoal and Homemade Crunches and Sauces.
  • Layer separation on beverages is normal.
  • Shake gently or stir with your straw before drinking.
  • Better consumed once received.
  • Storage and Shelf Life: Freeze beverage not more than one (1) hour if you are not drinking immediately. It’s best to consume immediately.
BOTTLED BEVERAGES • Shake well before drinking. • Storage and Shelf Life: Cold Brew Black Coffee can last up to 7 days chilled. • Storage and Shelf Life: Milk based beverages can last up to 3 days chilled. FROZEN YOGURT PICNIC BOX • Contains Signature Activated Charcoal Frozen Greek Yogurt and your choice of Homemade Crunches and Sauces. • Better consumed once received. • Storage and Shelf Life: We do not recommend storing for a long time as it will drastically change the texture of the yogurt and may even harden it. But if you do want to store it, it can last up to the next day in the freezer. #BLK513COOKIE • Cookies can be preheated for not more than 15-20 seconds. • Storage and Shelf Life: Cookies can last 5 days stored in an airtight container at normal room temperature. CHARCOAL MELON PAN • For customers reheating at home, preheat your toaster for 1 minute and warm the bread for 1 minute more. • Storage and Shelf Life: Melon Pans can last 1 day thawed, while 5 days freezed. BLK513 x FRNK GELATO Keep Pint tightly closed. Do not store in a high temperature room. • Storage and Shelf Life: Keep frozen at -18°C. Product can be stored for up to 180 days.